Duchenne Map is an online platform built to centralize important information and connect the different stakeholders of the DMD/BMD community. It was created to connect people living with Duchenne or Becker Muscular Dystrophy with their local patient organizations, healthcare providers, care centers, researchers, research institutions and companies.

Clinical Trials

Last year, the clinical trials finder filter function was launched to facilitate the search of clinical trials per eligibility criteria. Registered Patient Organizations can now browse the map and find which clinical trials are available in their country and region. A specific search filter that allows clinical trials to be rendered based upon a specific age range, and ambulation or steroid use status, was also integrated.

Care Centers

This year, the map will be enriched with a new function that allows the finding of relevant care centers. This will allow users to find care centers nearby, as well as centers that provide clinical trials.

Patient organizations can have access freely to these features, simply by registering to the map. We wish to invite you to register your patient organization and navigate the new functions, by clicking here.

For more information, you can contact Suzie-Ann Bakker and Katerina Tzima