Duchenne Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Duchenne patients can offer expertise to research sponsors through a CAB. Community Advisory Boards (CABs) are groups created and run by patient advocates. They facilitate discussions in a neutral setting. During these meetings they talk about the latest developments and challenges related to medical research and procedures in a disease area. They do this with the company or body conducting the research. In 2018, the first Duchenne CAB was established in Amsterdam.

Supporting optimal trials

The goal of the CAB is to support optimal trials only. Academic and industry partners who share common principles, code of conduct and ethics will be supported from the preclinical phase and throughout the regulatory and post marketing hurdles.

Read the Duchenne CAB reports:

Accelerate access to effective treatments

By doing so, the CAB is an excellent tool for the Duchenne community to share her insight to speed up access to effective treatments for DMD. This includes preclinical, clinical, post marketing and access to treatment. This experience forms the basis from which the Duchenne CAB will support a dedicated team of scientific and clinical experts under confidentiality.

For questions and inquiries, please contact the Duchenne CAB Coordinator: Sally Hofmeister.